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An Introduction to Physiotherapy for the Geriatric Patient

An Introduction to Physiotherapy for the Geriatric Patient

Course outline:

This course will cover the basic veterinary physiotherapy techniques you can use to help improve comfort and mobility in geriatric patients suffering from osteoarthritis as well as consideration of the home environment - which is also an essential aspect in helping these patients.

During this course we will look at massage and use of effleurage and petrissage; passive range of movement exercises, stretching, improving proprioception and balance, strength building (with and without basic apparatus), exercise advice, and many environmental considerations that can be easily implemented.

Your learning from the course will ultimately enable you to set up basic physiotherapy clinics that will act as a perfect adjunct to senior clinics, and will help owners to help their pets as you will be able to teach them how to utilise some of the basic methods.


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Course tutor: Kerrie Oakley | Course duration: 8 hours CPD over 3 weeks


Next course intake starts: 9th April

Learning forums: 9th - 23rd April

Coursework deadline: 30th April @9am


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