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Achieving Informed Consent in Practice

Achieving Informed Consent in Practice

Course outline:

This course will explore the role and responsibilities of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in achieving informed consent in practice. 

You probably get consent from clients every day, but how ‘informed’ is it, and how does it protect you, your colleagues, your clients and your patients? This short course will cover why consent is required, what the consent process consists of and how to achieve genuinely informed consent

The course will help you with key areas such as:

  • Sharing decisions with clients
  • Offering options for treatment
  • Risk communication
  • Who should obtain consent?
  • The timing of the consent process
  • Ways to improve consent in practice

Course duration: 4 hours over 1 week |  Course tutor: Carol Gray


Course materials     Learning forums


Important course dates:

Live learning forums / forum work completion: 14th - 21st September (9am)



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