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Patient-Friendly Practice

Patient-Friendly Practice

Course outline:

This course will enable you to consider, develop and implement a Low-Stress, Patient-Friendly approach to patients in your practice, whether it be for examinations, procedures or during hospitalisation.

The course offers a comprehensive background in canine and feline behaviour to offer you a sound basis for your understanding of this topic. Then by working through the many aspects and practicalities of low-stress techniques alongside your tutor and fellow students; and through sharing and discussing difficult (and successful) cases from practice – you will come away with clear ideas on the principles behind a patient-friendly strategy, which is tailored to your individual places of work.

This course is aimed at those working in veterinary practice, but is also applicable to anyone working with dogs and cats.


Course duration: 12 hours over 4 weeks |  Course tutor: Linda Ryan


  Course materials         Discussions       


Course start date: 4th February

Learning forums: 4th February to 25th February  9am

Coursework deadline: 4th March @ 9am


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